Jumpstart 2018! Feb 23, 2018

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The idea of doing better, being better, and striving for excellence, specifically with respect to managing the operations and business of Balibago Waterworks System, Inc., (BWSI), was a recurring theme at JUMPSTART 2018, held on 8-9 February 2018, at the Midas Hotel & Casino, Pasay City, Metro Manila. JUMPSTART 2018, curiously titled, “MOP SIR D’ H20”...

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Parallel water system in Mati

The platform of continuing progress continues. Mayor Carlo Rabat, together with the City Council led by Vice Mayor Glenda Monette Rabat- Gayta, had officially sealed the...

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BWSI is a proud member of:



BWSI has 57 branches across 14 provinces nationwide.

We provide potable water to more than 180,000 households.

60 years of experience in water services industry.

One of largest and most efficiently operated provincial privately owned waterworks system in the country.


A new brand of Purified Drinking Water that will surely quench your thirst anytime! Anywhere!

Team Balipure: 2017 PVL Open Conference Champion
The BaliPure Purest Water Defenders, your 2017 PVL Open Conference Champions!
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